Flathub Updates: Friday May 13, 2022

New Apps

It’s Friday, and what better way to end the week than with a bunch of brand new flatpaks landing in Flathub. Today we’ve got Yet Another Browser, a utility for streamers, a classic game, and a dead video editor πŸ’€


Boatswain 0.1.1 was published πŸ”˜

Boatswain screenshot

Boatswain is a new application by prolific GNOME contributor Georges Basile Stavracas Neto. It is a configuration tool for the popular external hardware array of illuminated buttons from Elgato – Stream Deck. The upstream hardware manufacturer provides software for Windows and macOS, and there are already 3rd-party Linux tools to do this. We hope Boatswain similar or indeed better functionality than the existing tools. It’s a good start!


WickEditor 1.19 was published 🧩

Wick Editor screenshot

WickEditor is an open-source cross-platform multimedia creation tool, mainly targeting game developers to create games and animations.


Vieb 7.2.0 was published ⌨️

Vieb screenshot

Vieb is apparently a “Vim Inspired Electron Browser” which is a combination of words we weren’t expecting to type today! It’s a web browser with privacy, security, accessibility and importantly – vim-style navigation as priorities. Worth a look, if your hands hover over j k l and ;mostly.

Urban Terror

Urban Terror 4.3.4 was published πŸ”«

Urban Terror screenshot

Urban Terror is the best kind of terror. Pew pew!


Kino 1.3.4 was published πŸŽ₯

Kino screenshot

Kino is a “dead” video editor. Not the kind of thing we usually celebrate, but Flathub can also be used to preserve applications, even if they no longer get updates, as they may be useful to someone.

That’s all for today!

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