Flathub Updates: Tuesday May 10, 2022

New Apps

Well, the new applications in Flathub keep on coming! This week we have data analysis, music, a game and utility. Keep ’em coming!


kst 2.0.81 was published πŸ”Ž

kst screenshot

kst is a fast real-time large-dataset viewing and plotting tool. It has built-in data analysis functionality and a Python scripting engine. It joins over a hundred other applications from the KDE project on Flathub. The Flathub description is a little scant, so it’s worth learning more about kst from their upstream kst website.


Moosync 2.1.0 was published 🎢

Moosync screenshot

Moosync is a richly functional desktop music player. It can play local music and connect to services like YouTube and Spotify to stream too. It has a familiar user interface, for anyone who has used a modern player like Spotify.

However, when we tried Moosync on an i7 equipped desktop with tons of memory and fast storage, it managed to bog down the entire system. Scanning only three thousand local music files made the desktop unusable for minutes.

We had no way to test the claimed streaming services because the user interface was completely unusable for an extended period. We hope these teething errors can be resolved, so we can try out a fixed version in the future.

Edit: Well, after our initial test which wasn’t great, we’ve now had some success playing local music. It seems like the application gets bogged down massively by the initial music scan, but once that passes, it’s usable again. We haven’t tested online music playback yet however, because there’s a few hoops required to jump through to get that working.

Gold Search

Gold Search 1.0.0 was published πŸ₯‡

Gold Search screenshot

Gold Search is another package from prolific flathubber Alex Kryuchkov. This time we’re treated to a simple game in which the object is to find gold. Find the gold and not the bombs in order to win the game!


Pick 1.60.178 was published 🌈

Pick screenshot

Pick is an easy to use color-picker. When active, Pick pops up a magnifier to make selecting the correct pixel easy. Once clicked, Pick shows a thumbnail snapshot of the region selected, and the specific color swatch. It also shows the RGB or HEX color value in one of a number of configurable formats. Each color also has a name.

Pick is the first application published on Flathub by Stuart Langridge, a software developer, blogger and podcaster. Interestingly for us, Stuart recently did a couple of live streams on YouTube, detailing the learning and publishing process for getting Pick into Flathub. Worth a watch, if you’re interested in adding to the corpus of software on Flathub.

That’s all for today!

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