Flathub Updates: Friday April 29, 2022

Another day and another batch of updates arrived in Flathub. Some days there are brand new applications, others there are updated releases of existing applications, and sometimes apps get removed for whatever reason.

There have been twenty-six updates to existing applications, mostly minor updates – “Bug fixes and performance improvements!”. However, we also got five new applications published, so let’s focus on those today.

New Apps


gplaces 1.16.1 was published 🎉


gplaces is a Gemini client. Gemini is a relatively new protocol for loading documents, similar to HTTP and Gopher. Using gplaces and Gemini is very reminiscent of surfing the early world-wide-web. It’s fast, low-bandwidth and presented in a “traditional” style.

The upstream developer notes that it’s named after Going Places, the 1965 album by Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass, a classic!

Unlike most applications we feature, you’ll notice from the screenshot above, that gplaces is a command-line application. This isn’t typical for Flathub, but it’s great to see both graphical desktop applications and terminal apps side by side.


jdReplace 3.0 was published 🎉


jdReplace is a simple mass search and replace tool. Give it a directory, a term to search for and what to replace it with, and off it goes! While seasoned Linux users might use sed or perl to perform these kinds of tasks, we think jdReplace is a great way to do this from a more accessible, graphical interface. Nice and simple, and does one thing well.


Tsuki-tag 0.92 BETA was published 🎉


Tsuki-tag is an Anime image-board browser, downloader, tagger and more. It’s got a “12” age rating in Flathub, which might explain why all the screenshots are blurry. No, it’s not your eyesight or our website failing.

The application has a ton of features for collating and organising images in the Anime genre. It has image editing and conversion tools, and tag management. Tsuki-tag is a pretty niche, but comprehensive application for those who are enthusiastic about collecting Anime based images.

Login Manager Settings

Login Manager Settings 0.5.2 was published 🎉

Login Manager Settings

Login Manager Settings is what it says. An application for tweaking the Login Manager (GDM) that is used on many modern Linux distributions. Up until now, it’s been quite difficult for normal Linux desktop users to tweak the login screen they see before the desktop loads.

With Login Manager Settings they can customize the background image, apply a theme and change all manner of other visual tweaks. Great for making your login screen stand out from the crowd. 💅🏽

Dynamic Wallpaper

Dynamic Wallpaper 0.0.1 was published 🎉

Dynamic Wallpaper

DynamicWallpaper is a very new and simple application to create wallpapers for GNOME 42 and above. The latest GNOME release supports wallpapers with two entirely separate images, which can be switched along with the light / dark mode in the desktop.

Simply create or download your favourite light-themed wallpaper, and a similar (or if you’re that way inclined, completely different) dark-themed one, and Dynamic Wallpaper will create the pair as one, which can be selected in GNOME Settings. Easy!

That’s all for today, look out for more new and updated applications soon! 🥳

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